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Peterborough. Pee-ter-bo-row. Pee-tah-bo-rah. Pee-tah-brah.Pee-tuh-brah!

It took us a while before we could pronounce the location of our University correctly. But it only took us a few minutes to appreciate the beauty of this city in the countryside.

We originally planned on finding a flat in London. But we found out that we have classes 3 to 4 times a week in Peterborough. It would be impractical to go back and forth because the fare is not cheap. Every time we would go back to London, it was like booking a one-way ticket from Manila to Boracay via airplane. For the past 2 weeks, we had been staying at Clark’s Inn which was like booking a night stay at the Peninsula every time we have school. The madness had to stop. We expedited our search for a house in Peterborough. Glad to share that we already found a cheap one! We will share our house-hunting experience in another post. 🙂


Our program is not easy. We have to endure 6 hours of straight lecture per subject. Talk about information overload! But we are lucky to have really good professors. Most of them are teaching in Harvard Business School and London School of Economics. Our tutors(British term for professors) travel from one continent to another to teach! While others have paid thousands of dollars to get the same education from these teachers, we enjoy the benefit of learning almost for free! We cannot complain.

Although the Peterborough campus is small, it’s part of a big network with Cambridge as our base. Our classmates come from different nations and we are finding it so much fun to learn from each other’s cultures.

From Clark’s Inn, we walk to the city center where Queensgate Mall is. The mall is just slightly bigger than Powerplant Mall in Rockwell but it houses brands like TK-Maxx (UK counterpart of TJ Maxx), Poundland, Topshop, Warehouse, Superdry, Republic, H&M, Accessorize, and John Lewis. Primark, the UK version of happy shopping wastelands Landmark and SM Department Stores, will open towards the end of the year!


Everything about Peterborough spells peace and quiet. Aside from the subdued colours of the buildings, there’s a huge Cathedral of Church of England in the middle of the town.

People hang-out at the town plaza where there is a gazebo-like structure with pigeons flying around and small intermittent fountains that they turn on in the afternoon.

The University is a 15-minute walk from the mall. The house we found is only 3 minutes away from the mall. Every time we would walk from the University to the mall or vice versa, we would have to cross a bridge and pass-by Henry Penn Walk.

Henry Penn Walk is by the river where there are a flock of swans, ducks, and birds all living in peaceful harmony.


Also in Peterborough is Serpentine Lake.

Just a short distance from the lake is a hill. We climbed it once and saw the 360-degree view of the community. It was quite an experience!

Each time we would walk home, we would marvel at how the skies change colours. This is autumn sunset for you–

Peterborough, United Kingdom will be our home for the next 6 months. We will transfer to London during the second term where there are fewer classes and more research time.





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