Master of None?🙂

I’ve been wearing many hats since I got here. Here are some of them in photo boxes (a.k.a Instagram pictures):

[MBA Student]
I pass-by Harry Potter’s secret platform in King’s Cross everytime I head to Peterborough for school! I wonder if the muggles take notice.


[Personal Shopper and Stylist]
New-found friend Darwin is taking his oath as a certified British citizen next week. He sought for assistance in picking out a suit. I was more than happy to shop at TopMan with him!


[Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist]
Nicole has been a friend and client even when she was still in the Philippines. She’s now my first ever bridal makeup client here in London!

My friends know that I can’t do hair to save my life but since over here, you pretty much have to do everything yourself, I managed to fix Nicole’s bridal hair with the few pins that she had. What an achievement!


I think I’m fairly good with babies. But not with crying ones.😀 To make Blakey stop, I thought of a brilliant idea: put him on top of the table and take an awesome picture of him. As my former Brit boss would say, it was “a complete and utter failure”!

I think I have more luck with 4 year olds. Brent, Blakey’s older brother, is a shy one. But I’ve already taught him to do the thumbs up and the salute. Every morning, I hear him whisper near where I’m sleeping “Tita Duh-nis…”

This morning, since he had no school, he woke me up to show a ladybug stuck to his shovel. I was sincerely amazed. I’ve never seen an actual ladybug before.




This is by far my favorite occupation! Since friends are meeting-up with us left and right, we are out almost every night!

The most surreal night out so far was when we visited this gay bar called Heaven. There, they had a contest wherein gays from all nations compete with each other like in X-Factor. Only difference is that they aren’t judged by their singing but by how good they look when naked!🙂






Finally, a straight guy!🙂


Too hot to handle! Had to go to some place cooler: Ice Bar along Heddon Street. Thanks to my high school classmate Eljin and boyfriend for showing us around.


Earlier, I saw Chef Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in Westfield. If there’s one job I know I can’t take on, it’s anything that involves cooking!



Thinking of what I shall be tomorrow,

To book me for hair and makeup gigs in Europe (not limited to London), email me at denswithme@gmail.com.

Thoughts on this one? I'd love to hear from you!

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