I have 4 travel essentials in black that I bring whenever I travel.

1) Portable Travel Pillow


As I’ve said before, I don’t blow my money on plane fares. Since I am most of the time humbly seated in Economy class, the least I can do to make myself feel comfortable is bring a neck pillow for support. I bought mine in LandMark for less than 300 Pesos (6 USD). It comes with a massager powered by 2 AA batteries.

2) Universal Adaptor


I don’t like bringing a lot of gadgets when travelling. To save me from the clutter and the hassle, I use a universal adaptor that allows me to plug any gadget into any outlet type–Continental Europe, UK, USA, Australia, etc. Worth the investment at 1,800 pesos (USD 42).

3) RFID Safe Case


There’s a modus operandi going on nowadays. People can actually scan your credit cards and hack them even if kept safe inside your wallet. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that scans credit cards and IDs without having to swipe them through a machine. PacSafe, a luggage brand, came up with RFID blocking cases, wallets, and pouches that prevent your cards from getting hacked. They also have double-locks and slash-proof cords to ensure your money’s safety.

4) TSA Lock


I don’t use locks with keys because I am prone to losing them. I like those with number codes like this TSA lock.

All packed! 😉


Leaving in a few hours,

Bonus Gadget:

Portable Weighing Scale

Just ‘coz I don’t want to pay a shocking fee for excess baggage! 🙂




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