Today I decided to share a fun and cheap product from 3M that I use when trying to maximize luggage space–The Donut Dispenser!


It’s only 89 pesos/ 2 dollars! And it saves me big bucks from having my clothes ironed when I reach my destination. It also keeps me from bringing an extra bag and possibly getting charged a hundred dollars more at the check-in counter.

The donut dispenser contains a magic tape that you can write on for labeling stuff.

The tape can be put in huge desk dispensers but I’m partial to the donut because it’s light and compact.

When packing, I roll each garment into thin cylinders and tape the ends using 3M’s Magic Tape to avoid it from rolling open. Then I stack and press the cylinders on top of each other. It’s like playing tetris. You change the orientation of every garment to fit the small spaces available within the luggage. What’s good about using magic tape instead of other tapes is that it doesn’t leave any sticky residue on the clothing when removed.


I always have the donut in my suitcase so I can roll even used clothes and newly shopped items.


Hope this idea helps!

Rollin’ like a river,
d. 🙂

3M Tapes



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