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Contrary to what some friends label me (perhaps because of the industry I am in), I am not a fashionista. I cannot possibly be. I do not have the resources to keep up with the trends. I do not have a nice figure to make the clothes look good on me. And I do not have the intrinsic creative talent to become a trendsetter. But I like clothes.

I like browsing through fashion editorial spreads. I enjoy reading fashion and design books. I, at one point in time, studied Fashion Illustration at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines under the strict guidance of designer John Herrera. And because of that, I have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of design principles and the creative process. But that makes me no expert.

With that being said, any post on this site about fashion and clothes is not a claim of expertise. I, if you’ve seen me dress-up, am clearly not a fashion guru. I am more like the mix and match the basic pieces with some quirky ones kind of girl. I do not buy the latest key pieces as soon as they hit the stores. In fact, I wait for sale season to purchase a few items. I am not into high-end brands as well. Fit & function first before name & fashion.

Some readers might already know that I am preparing for my migration from the Philippines to London. I will be taking up my Masters in Business Administration while working part-time. I am leaving in 8 days.

My previous jobs involved attending events and mingling with a lot of people. And because of that, I have amassed quite a number of clothes which made it harder for me to pack for the big move.

One friend advised me to “just bring my favorite pieces since I’m gonna be shopping there anyway”. I don’t know if I can afford to shop there because I am practically a pauper. The Philippine Peso is close to nothing compared to the British Pound. The exchange rate is killing me! It’s 67 pesos to a pound! Imagine that!

So I have no choice but to be wise about which items to bring. To maintain my sanity, I decided to come up with a Start-up Closet Library.

These are the things I am sure to bring to Europe. I have already practiced squeezing them inside my light Delsey luggage (Thanks to Cecille and The Travel Club!)

I put labels on the photos coz it might help others in packing stuff as well or in building their wardrobe.

When I was younger, I used to buy random clothes I found pretty. As years went by, I began to realize that I have to be mindful and organized when shopping. Books of Lucky Magazine, Nina Garcia, Lauren Conrad, Ines dela Fresange, and Rachel Zoe helped me zero in on the basic items I need for a more flexible wardrobe.

Here are my Wardrobe Essentials:



I only brought tops in neutral colors: Black, white , & gray. For the perfect v-neck t-shirts, you might be surprised to know that I buy them in TopMan. For basics, try exploring the men’s section. 🙂



This island girl might freeze to death in cold Europe. These jackets will surely be overused! Raincoats and other Winter jackets will be purchased when I’m already there. Left all the synthetic leather and suede jackets behind because the rain in London will surely ruin those items.



I have to bring blazers for presentations and meetings. The vests are for layering purposes. 🙂



For dresses I brought 2 sets in each category. These can be layered on top of long sleeves and tights for colder days. Summer dresses are for when I finally get my Schengen visa and visit my relatives and friends in warmer France, Italy, Spain, & Greece.



These items can go from casual to formal. Pair a chambray polo with a sequined skirt and I’m ready for a fun night-out. Wear a gingham with a pair of jeans and a Converse and I become little miss preppy d!



I love wearing skirts! It makes me look more put together than when I’m wearing jeans.



I can’t wear bright pants because I’m bottom heavy so I just packed these neutral basics.


Maybe these items are cheaper in London so I’m only bringing a few basic pieces.



I packed swimsuits for summer escapades. I am hoping there will be time and money for at least one! I did not take a picture of my underwear 🙂 But most are in boring beige with no visible panty lines. Bras have detachable straps.

So those are the items I managed to cramp in my luggage. 🙂

Shoes, accessories, and electronics I will share on another post.


p.s. Some funny pictures in between packing that I sent to friends for approval. Just imagine these with tights and lots of layers. And please forgive the chaotic background. 🙂





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