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I was in the car on the way home from work when a purple and yellow sign that says Baan Khun Thai House of Traditional Massage caught my attention. Thought bubble: Thank you, Lord!

The only downside of transferring from a small condo to a (relatively) bigger house is losing access to my only vice: cheap home service massages. So when I passed by this sign, I heaved a huge sigh of relief.


Who would have thought that along the busy street of Kamias is a commercial building that surprisingly houses a calming oasis of bliss?!



I later found out through Facebook that my friend Nina‘s family owns it! So when I scheduled a massage, other partners Ayi and Rien welcomed me. I got to chat with them a bit and found out that Baan Khun Thai (BKT) was franchised from Cebu. All of the massage therapists of BKT who had their training in Bangkok were flown in from Cebu which is why they could guarantee customers of an authentic Thai massage experience. Their services range from PHP150 to PHP500 (USD 4 to USD 12) only!


BKT looks small from the lobby but it actually has 8 massage rooms and 4 foot massage areas inside.


I usually go for a combination of shiatsu and swedish. But this time, I availed of the hot stone massage following the recommendation of the owners. It was a good thing I took their advice because I was treated to a literally hot soothing experience!


The hot stone massage was designed to relax tight and aching muscles with the use of heated smooth volcanic stones and oils. It’s a great alternative for the ventosa massage which uses cups or glasses on the back that leave marks when one doesn’t have good blood circulation.



This performance pretty much sums up my feeling after the massage! 😉


My friends from Baan Khun Thai are treating Cool Detour readers to a free one hour Traditional Thai Massage (choose between body or foot massage)! We’re making this super easy: Just be one of the first 3 to answer this question on the comment box below:

Why do you deserve a Baan Khun Thai massage?

See, there are no right or wrong answers. Just be the first!

Like this entry, type in your answer on the comment box, leave your name and email address. Winners will be notified via email. Instructions on how to claim your prize will be sent via email as well. Join now! 🙂


Baan Khun Thai
M&L Building Kamias Road,
Quezon City, Philippines
Like their Facebook page for
promo updates HERE.



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11 thoughts on “BAAN KHUN THAI

  1. Stone massage at Baan Khun Thai is one of my favorite treatment 🙂 for tired ached muscles, I highly recommend this massage.

  2. I deserve a great Thai massage for job well done — getting scholarship in London, packing tons of clothes and turning over a chunk of workload plus getting ready to have a blast with you in Dubai and London! 🙂 cheers!! 🙂

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