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I’m letting you in on a secret. I have my own Browhaus machine inside Jing Monis‘ salon in Greenbelt 1.

Her name is Malou.

For PHP 350/ USD 8 only (exclusive of tip), Ate Malou tweezes (tweeze for humans; pluck for chickens) my eyebrows like nobody else does! Heck, even I don’t have the patience to tweeze my own brows as clean as she does it and I’m already a professional makeup artist!

Mind you, she doesn’t thread my brows. No tears from skin getting tortured by the thread with Ate Malou. All she uses is her pair of red tweezers.
And voila! Expertly shaped and groomed brows!


Now you know who to run to when you’re already looking like Betty La Fea! 😉


Jing Monis Salon
3rd Floor, Greenbelt 1 Mall,
Makati City, Philippines
For appointments, contact 8934098.



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2 thoughts on “MASTER TWEEZER

  1. Oh man, this brought back memories of my favorite brow stylist in California 🙂 It can be hard to trust a new one, i’m more sensitive about my brows being done right than my hair what about you?

    1. I’ve always believed that when you do your brows right, half of the job is done. Now that I’m moving to London, I guess I have to exert extra effort in tweezing my own brows. 😦 One of the simple luxuries of living inthe Philippines is cheap services for beautification! Definitely gonna miss that!

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