My hair has always been hard to manage because I have too much of it! Not complaining because that’s an easier problem to handle than having too sparse like my mom’s. I guess either type has its own pros and cons.

My hair strands are luckily thin. But as I’ve said, I have too much. To dry it in the morning, I need to be in front of a fan for at least an hour (time I usually don’t have so I go to work with wet hair to the amusement of my officemates). Often, I have to apologize to my boss for looking like Morticia Adams for the first few hours of the day. She would always say that I “transform into a human being” only after lunch when I’ve already fixed myself up.

My hair is also very healthy. It’s so lush and sometimes too oily that hair holders lose grip and glide down. It’s frustrating to curl my hair because it straightens within 5 minutes.

Hairdressers have actually advised me to “kill” or “damage” my hair a little bit so it will change its texture and lessen its oiliness. That advice I followed when I was already in college.


I’m a very loyal client. The first ever hairdresser to cut my hair the way I wanted it to flow was Arman Montero of Salon de Orient. I used to follow Arman to wherever salon he would work at. When he went freelance, I asked him to go to my condo every 6 months to cut my hair. He used what he called “in-line” cut technique which texturized my hair in a way that it appears thinner and looks better as it grows longer. Don’t have a photo of Arman but searched the web and found this tiny picture of him. He’s straight, buffed, and sports an afro. šŸ™‚



When Arman went abroad, I was miserable until I heard of Jing Monis. Jing gave me full mega bangs which gained the approval of my father. As a kid, Papa would proudly cut my bangs because he wanted me to look like a doll with my hair framing my huge eyes and prominent cheekbones. I would bawl like a baby coz I wanted to grow my bangs and sport the “one-length” like mama’s. I thought it was really ladylike.


(Jing Monis and I circa 2010)


(with Mama who also goes to whichever salon I tell her to go)

I got tired of the bangs and later on tried the services of Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix through a recommendation of a friend. Alex was formerly from Propaganda Salon. I fell in love with him! He cut my hair the way Arman used to. And he encouraged, not forced me, to go light.


I’ve gotten so many questions about my hair ever since Alex cut and colored it. Even TV personality and friend Patty Laurel had asked me about my tresses.


(Cut by Alex starts at PHP 1,200. Color starts at PHP 2,100)

My brides (makeup clients) would often use my hair as a color peg for when they would go to Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell in Greenbelt 5 to have their hair done. I have five college classmates who are already converts and Alex-believers because of me. šŸ™‚


What I like about Alex is that he’s very prim and proper. He doesn’t come of as boastful despite the many celebrity clients he has been handling. He doesn’t name drop. He treats his clients like they are all equals. I also like that he trains his staff well. Everyone is well-dressed and well-mannered. Alex doesn’t gossip as well. I’ve observed him when he talks to his clients. He doesn’t have the habit of bad-mouthing other hairstylists or even celebrities.

When I asked him how he grows his clientele, he said that he believes in the old school way of doing business and running a parlor–“be professional and meticulous in dealing with each client and they will come back. No need for expensive PR blitz.” He doesn’t have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because he likes keeping his life private. He banks on his existing clients to spread the word of his expertise and excellent service. One happy and satisfied client here, obviously! šŸ™‚

When Alex is not around, I entrust my hair for trimming to two of his staff: Hermes and Romeo. It’s my first time to actually have back-up hair stylists in one salon. That’s how much I trust how Alex trains his students. And so far, I haven’t been disappointed.

(Hermes in the middle, cut starts at PHP 500)

(Hairstylist Romeo)

Now I’m a bit worried because I will be moving to London where cost of living is so high, I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford quarterly visits to the salon. I just made the very painful decision of cutting off more than 3 inches from my already very long hair. I really hope I will be able to maintain this. [For those asking, my current hair color is ash brown with medium blonde highlights.]


I will miss Studio Fix so much!







For Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell bookings, call (02) 5013062 and 64.

Feeling Best Tressed,

p.s. Sorry for the d-pics overload šŸ™‚



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12 thoughts on “HAIR DIARIES

      1. thank you! i plan to have my first hair color kasi and i really want to get it right! was it also done in studio fix (3rd photo, with you in ponytail)

        thanks so much for replying (even on an old post:) )

      2. Yes! I highly recommend Alex or Hermes of Studio Fix. They keep your records so the next time you come back, you can use the same colors. Oh maybe you can ask Hermes to dig-up my files. Tell him you know Denise of Watsons. My last color was the lightest. You might wanna go for the second to the last that they put on me. Hermes would know the codes šŸ™‚

  1. thank you! truthfully, i wasnt even really decided to get a hair color until i read your blog and you told me the shade.
    my plan was to bring a print out of miranda kerr’s photo but now i will just direct them to your blog (or like you said, ask them to look into your records)

    and my dilemma between studio fix and lpk – problem solved!

    million thanks!

  2. thanks a million! i was not even really decided about getting a hair color until i read this and you tild me about the shade.

    the plan was to bring a print out of miranda kerr’s photo but you made it even easier for me

    and my dilemma between studio fix and lpk — problem solved!

  3. Hi! I love you hair! You look great! šŸ˜€ BTW, may I know how much you paid for the hair color and highlights? Thanks!

    1. 500 for hermes’ haircut. 1,200 i think for alex. Color is minumum 2,500. Highlights starts at 2,500 as well if I’m not mistaken. Depends on how many tubes of color they will use on your hair. Best to call them. šŸ™‚

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