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Saturday is my designated day to cheat from my strict low sugar-high protein diet. It’s also the day when I usually go out with my dear friends I call the SG.

This Saturday, we all decided to meet-up along Wilson street for the welcome back dinner of our friend who just came home from her European cruise. We wanted to try out a new restaurant in the area but nobody knew its exact location. Google Maps failed us once again. Another cool detour had to be made. We ended up at this quaint restaurant owned by Chef Capati in Mandaluyong called Cookbook Kitchen.

It’s not a highly-publicized restaurant. Some might even consider it a hole-in-the-wall. It’s actually inside an old house turned into a cozy restaurant. Its signboard is by its lonesome along the quiet residential street near Shaw Boulevard.


Dimly-lit, the restaurant felt like a part of a grandparents’ house that has lots of space for clan reunions. It was that easy to feel at home in especially when you’re already greeted by the courteous staff and the simple decor.



The gang ordered the bestsellers and by the end of the night, we all vowed to come back with our families in tow. Each dish was a hit!


Let’s start with everyone’s number one pick: Parmesan Crusted White Fish.
What can we say, it’s that melt-in-your-mouth kind of dish that we just had to order another plate!


Top 2 goes to Chef’s Choice Lamb Shoulder Steak with Fennel-Oregano Sauce. It’s so good, you wouldn’t even need the sauce!


Third place is awarded to the Ilocos pasta topped with Vigan longganisa and salt & pepper. It was a refreshing break from the Italian pastas that we’re used to.


Their freshly-baked bread also gets a gold stamp from our crew!

We were so satisfied, we decided to order dessert from there too. Normally, we transfer restaurants to satisfy our sweet cravings. Good thing we decided to stay coz what they served us next brought us all to cake paradise!

When I ordered Strawberry Shortcake, I was expecting a tiny slice of strawberry-flavored chiffon mix. I didn’t expect the chiffon to be covered with generous scoops of ice cream and frozen real strawberries. I was beyond ecstatic!


As if that wasn’t enough to set me back an extra hour on the treadmill, the creamy red velvet cake with cocoa powder was served.


The chocolate lovers in our group devoured this piece of heaven–


We had such a great time that we ended up the last ones to leave the restaurant!

This is why I love cool detours. You make a sudden turn and you find yourself enjoying another one of life’s pleasant surprises!



Bon appetit,

Cookbook Kitchen
8 Socorro Fernandez St., corner Luna Mencias St.,
Mandaluyong City
Tel. +632 724 3595
Mobile: +63 916-2765257



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