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I was a loyal Blackberry user until Globe Telecom offered me the iPhone 4s. My life has changed since then. Now, I get to enjoy countless of cool apps, blog through my phone, and panic when the battery drops down to 10%.

My driver is already annoyed with my phone and my constant need to charge it. Sometimes, he has to charge it in the car and bring the phone to wherever I am.

The folks at Shu Uemura Rockwell already know that when I rush to their store, I am in dire need not of a lipstick but a power outlet. Although most of the time, I also end up buying a tube of CR 330 or a medium pink blush–my favorite lipstick and blush tandem in the whole wide world!


I’m no techie so while the entire iPhone community has already discovered the solution to this draining problem, I remained helpless. But not until I saw an interesting case housing my friend’s phone at a party. She said it was an iPhone powerboost that amps up its charge back to 100% when it hits low. Needless to say, I was in awe.

I immediately headed to the nearest Apple Store to buy the powerboost. I was told that to get to 100%, I had to buy 3000mAh and up. But boy was it not cheap. Minimum of PHP 3,000 (USD 90) for the amperes that I wanted.

I initially settled for a MILI because it was detached from the phone and I wanted to keep using my original casing. The MILI also has a boost that looks like a normal phone casing but it’s too shiny for my taste and the fingerprint marks are too obvious on it. So I settled for a detached powerboost in matte black.


After a few days though, I was finding it too much of a hassle to carry the boost that’s almost the size of another iPhone. It was like I had two phones in my bag, not to mention the cables that came with it. So I went back to the store to replace it with a charger that is designed to act as a phone casing as well.

I almost bought the MILI version until the sales associate introduced me to the ibattz that came with 2 batteries, 3 back case colors, and 2 side case guard options for almost the same price. Perfect!


Now, my battery woes are over. My phone can now last a day of incessant use!

I’m now ready to ride planes and trains without worrying that the battery will drain if I use my phone for music and games!

Now, I don’t have to run like a headless chicken, searching for the nearest power outlet! I can now relax as my brother’s dog Kobe does in this funny picture (This is Kobe after his tiring morning run.) :





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