I had a guy officemate J who would always tell me that I have a “distinct scent”. That he can sense when I’m near his cube already. “Congco, is that you?”, he would say out loud with his back turned. J has always been into perfumes. In fact, the bosses would send him to other countries to bring home unique fragrance brands.

J has always liked the smell of the Neutrogena oil I use to lock-up moisture on my body after I bathe. My brother thinks it stinks though. But I would like to believe the fragrance expert more of course! He also approves of the Bvlgari Amethyste that I have been using since forever!

I’m not promiscuous when it comes to fragrances. I stick to what works and what doesn’t make my sensitive nose sneeze like crazy. I was loyal to Lacoste Booster until it got discontinued. I had a long Clinique Happy stage and an affair with Chanel N5. Bvlgari wins though coz of the amount of compliments I have gotten since I’ve used it, both from male and female friends. And Creed was just too darn expensive to have a long-term relationship with!

So when BC Fragrances sent me a few bottles of perfume and diffusers to try, I was a bit skeptical. How can I write something good about their stuff when I’m very loyal to my signature fragrance?

Bernadette and Caroline from the BC Fragrance Team did something right and quite unexpected though. They concocted a special fragrance based on what they think I’d like and named it after ME!

How’s that for intriguing (and hopefully converting) a very loyal brand user? Marketers, take note! This is how it’s done. πŸ™‚

Folks, this is Parfum No. V07-325 labeled “Denise Congco” with Apricot, Lily, Apple, Guava, Dark Chocolate, Tiare, Vanilla, and Amber. That’s a whole slew of super yummy scents!


What’s interesting is it captured the cool vibe of the Amethyste and the masculinity that I actually look for in fragrances. I usually veer away from something too powdery and feminine. I like that it smells like I’ve just come out of the shower. Very clean-smelling and not too pungent.

This fragrance was compounded last July 22, 2012 and “passionately made” using quality oils all the way from France. To compound your own scent, go to The Fragrance Specialists website HERE. You can buy a sample size of your concoction before you purchase the big bottle! You will not believe how cheap it is to compound your own scent!


I am a busy working woman. I always look forward to coming home to a relaxing atmosphere. When my room is a mess, the thing that calms my senses is the scented candle that I light up every night. Candles are fire hazards though which is why I’ve welcomed the thought of replacing my stock with diffusers. BC Fragrances sent me their own diffuser line as well.

Diffusers are so easy to use:


The beautifully-designed Vanilla Beans set BC Fragrances has sent me now has a place in my room:


Who wouldn’t like to enter a room scented with the rich decadence of vanilla frosting mixed with a tinge of sweet caramel and tonka (vanilla pod) beans?

To order a set, go to

WIN YOUR OWN FREE Vanilla Beans DIFFUSER SET NOW (diffuser glass bottle and refill)!

Cool Detour and BC Fragrances would like to give 2 lucky readers a diffuser set each. Just:

1) Like this post and
2) Comment and fill-in the blanks “I would like to infuse my ________ (room,car,my stinky brother’s room,etc) with that yummy vanilla beans scent!” Be as descriptive as possible. No word count limit! Convince me! πŸ™‚
3) Include your email address so claim instructions can be sent to you.

Sample entry: ” I would like to infuse my NEWLY-RENOVATED BATHROOM with that yummy vanilla beans scent!”

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Like and Comment away!!!

Stay irresistible,
d. πŸ˜‰




Hi, I'm d. My blog, Cool Detour, is all about refreshing breaks from the usual. Follow me for travel, makeup, and lifestyle stories. :)


  1. i would like to infuse our home cute home with that yummy vanilla beans scent to eliminate oreo’s (our pet) bad odor from his wee wee and poo poo..:)

  2. I would like to infuse my room with that yummy beans scent, because everytime i smell vanilla scent i feel being inlove, and when im inlove im happy! and happiness is the most important thing! and knowing that vanilla scent came from bcfragrance,there for this will last a long time, taken from my experience i had personalized perfume fro bcfragrance and believe me it last a looong time! –

  3. I would like to infuse my boyfriend’s new apartment with that yummy vanilla beans scent! I’m a loyal customer to BC fragrance and ever since I haven’t purchased any signature perfume anywhere. I’ve been compounding perfumes for myself and my boyfriend. And hypocrisy aside, thanks to BC Fragrance. –

  4. I would like to infuse my mother’s simple but vitalizing bedroom with that yummy vanilla beans scent! That place is her own kingdom of “Me-Time” after a long and tiring day at work. –

      1. Hi, Rob!

        All of the answers were great but the Cool Detour
        crew have chosen Blessy and Beam’s (via Instagram)
        answers due to the urgency of their situations! Haha!

        Please do join our succeeding contests.

        Thanks so much for taking the time. πŸ™‚

        Travel on,

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