I’m blogging real time. As I enter this cool new salon, I am typing on my WordPress mobile app. So whatever you read here is raw and unedited.

I’m doing this coz this salon I’m in now prides itself to be the first of its kind in the country–with free iPads for customers to borrow, fast wifi, and flat screen TV. The Blounge or The Beauty Lounge is the brain child of partners OBM Managing Director Rossel Taberna and News Anchor Anthony Taberna. They envisioned this salon to be a place where you can enjoy “classic comforts” yet be entertained by the high-tech gadgets they have for customers to use. While having my hair blow-dried, for instance, I may browse the internet via the ipad on the counter assigned to me.

Let me hand my phone to the assistant so I can show you my unit.


Now let’s check-out the swanky interiors of this place.




I’m here with my brother’s girlfriend Faye and she’s liking the ambience of the place too.

The Blounge is actually treating us today to a pampering session in preparation for our…get this… FREE TRIP to Bangkok care of TIGER AIRWAYS!

Yes, folks, Tiger Airways is flying to Thailand so we can show you how easy and safe, not to mention cheap, it is to book and fly via their airline. We’re already very excited for that! In the meantime, we’re gonna relax here inside The Blounge and get our tresses ready for the strong sun & stressful shopping that await us in Bangkok!

I decided to get a Power Dose treatment since my hair is colored and dry on the tips. Faye, on the other hand, is getting a cellophane treatment since she’s not a fan of permanent hair colors.

Time for shampoo and conditoner!



I’m now getting a massage while they apply the Power Dose treatment all over my hair. Faye is having her hair prepped. I love that the staff here are very friendly. Everyone seems to be enjoying what they’re doing.

I also like that this salon doesn’t have that aloof vibe that other upscale salons have. I feel like I can lounge here for hours and avail of many services but won’t end up being charged an arm and a leg. I remember having to pay more than the cost of a month’s rent for treatments in another salon a few months ago! The hairdresser kept on opening vials for my long hair without asking me if I wanted more! I was horrified! Hair treatments here at The Blounge are mostly less than a thousand pesos. Super affordable!


While waiting for my hair treatment process to finish, my nails are being cleaned and painted on. The music here is feel good R&B and hiphop. Just the way I like it!


Time to post the end-result on Instagram:


I chose bright yellow by Lioele, a Korean nail polish brand.

My hair will take an hour to blow-dry so I’m going to surf the net first and look at Paris and Berlin Fashion Week pictures.

And… I’m back! With healthier, shinier, power-dosed hair!



Faye’s long black hair now looks more vibrant too!



We’ve already marked the date we’ll return to The Blounge! Right after our Tiger Airways Bangkok trip!

We’d like to say thank you to The Blounge for this wonderful and relaxing experience!



Pamper yourself once in a while! You deserve it!

Enjoy life,

The Blounge
2nd Flr Hodge Podge Building
139 Mother Ignacia Street
Quezon City, Philippines
(across ABS-CBN’s ELJ Building)
(02) 9212247

Add their Facebook account HERE.



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