Not too long ago, I was invited by Makeup Designory to, take note, “audition” for a teaching post for their first ever branch in the Philippines. Makeup Designory is a known makeup school in America and Europe and they also produce their own makeup line. Luckily, I passed! I became one of the 6 Filipina makeup artists to undergo extensive training to be not just better makeup artists but certified makeup artistry teachers as well.

I’ve been conducting personal makeup workshops ever since.

I usually hold my classes on Sundays at the Pure Beauty store in Serendra since I have my day job from Mondays to Saturdays.

Here are some photos during my makeup classes:





I enjoy teaching a lot because I also get to learn from my students.





For instance, I discovered from one of my students that the Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler is perfect for handling and putting on fake eyelashes. Unlike other more famous curlers, Kevyn Aucoin’s has a wider opening that allows more space for the fake lash and real lash to enter. With that, you can avoid clumping or bending of the real lash which happens when you use a curler with a smaller opening.

Here’s a demonstration of how to put on fake lashes as modeled by my pretty student beauty queen/actress and now councilor Daisy Reyes:

1) Measure the length of the fake lash against your eye. Cut if longer than your lid.


2) Curl your real lash.


3) Apply a thin layer of glue on the edge of the fake lash. Make sure both ends have an ample amount of product. Wait for the glue to set for about a minute. Best to heat the glue using a blow-dryer. I find Duo’s and Nichido’s glue products effective and reliable.


To avoid putting on too much glue, put a small amount at the back of your hand and glide the edge of the fake lash through the same mound.

4) Hold the fake lash at its tip using the Kevyn Aucoin curler and position it directly on top of your real lash. Put it as close to the lash line as possible. Use the edge of your eyeshadow brush to push in the fake lashes onto your lid. Best to push in the outer lash first then work your way inward.


5) Wait to dry then slowly open your eye to check placement. There’s a slight discomfort at first as wearing a fake lash takes some getting used to.


6) Using a black or dark brown eye pencil, line your upper lid and make sure all white gaps are filled in. For a more natural look, instead of putting line on top of your upper lid, put it underneath it. Apply mascara on both sides of the lash to ensure that the fake and real lashes will stick together.

7) Feel confident and work those peepers! 🙂


Here are other photos from our fun class. Each student received a certificate of completion after the session.




If you’re interested in joining our classes or if you have makeup questions, comment on this post or email me directly at You may also call Pure Beauty at (02) 846 9016.

Learn something new today,
d. 😉



Hi, I'm d. My blog, Cool Detour, is all about refreshing breaks from the usual. Follow me for travel, makeup, and lifestyle stories. :)

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    1. Hi, there! Welcome to Cool 🙂 MUD is available on Deal Grocer. They offer this class at a discount. Book there! 🙂 I would love to give you a free class but I unfortunately don’t own MUD. :S Feel free to email or ask me makeup questions though!

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