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I always ask my guy friends what they like better on a girl: pink or red lipstick? Most of them would say “it doesn’t matter coz it will all be gone by the end of the night. lol.” True as that might be, us girls would still want to color our lips when we go out on dates. It adds to the allure, we say.

Most of the guys who have answered my lipstick question seriously chose pink. I think most of my guy friends like it sweet and simple. One male officemate though argued that guys wouldn’t admit it coz they don’t want to be judged but they really love red and luscious lips. Red evokes confidence, he adds. “Pink is for teens. You want your guy to treat you like a woman!”

The dilemma continues. Everytime I go out, I have to analyze if the guy is a pink or red person. If he wants this sweet and simple look–


or this bold and daring vibe–


So I always have 2 sets of lip colors in my vanity kit. I have shades similar to what Yves Rocher and Couleurs Nature from France gave me.

For that dainty pink lips, Yves Rocher has Rose Alba. It has moisturizers that let the product glide smoothly.

For an added shine at night, Couleurs Nature has the Plumping Sheer Gloss you can add on the center of your lips to create an illusion of a fuller pout.




For sexy red lips, Rogue Voile Brillance of Couleurs does the job pretty well. It doesn’t dry-up the lips which most matte red lipsticks do. Best to partner it with their Rouge Magma Intense Colour Gloss. The color is so rich that one coat is enough to intrigue your officemates and make them wonder who you’re going out with after work! 😉




I guess at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what lip color we choose as long as we match it with the right amount of confidence. At the end of the day, the guy won’t remember if the girl wore pink or red lipstick. He’ll remember her funny stories, witty comebacks and genuine smiles. (I hope!)

Pucker up,

P.S. All products featured are available at SM Department Store (less than P600 each!)



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4 thoughts on “YVES ROCHER

  1. Red tends to become too intimidating for a guy. I mean I’m already scared I might be too street smart for a guy, I don’t want my look to scare him off even more :p

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