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I got this embellished pen today from one of Cool Detour’s blog readers who works in Brunei as a teacher. Thank you, Teacher Myra! You have made me so happy today!:)


Teacher Myra was one of the first few readers who commented on this young blog. Amazing ‘coz a few weeks after she commented, I actually bumped into her at the airport when we were both waiting for our flight to Beijing! She was on a short vacation from Brunei and was travelling with her friends. I was at the Terminal 3 (Philipine Airport) restroom chatting with my friend when she approached me to ask if I was “Denise”. She said she reads my blog and actually won the first contest I posted on Cool Detour!

There was a time when I owned a website called denswithme where I also used to post travel pictures. At that time though, blogs were not as accepted as they are today that some family members questioned my lack of sense of privacy. I had to take it down to avoid further conflicts.

But I now find myself blogging again. I’ve realized that we are all students of life.

This is the beauty of blogging and sharing on networking sites–Everyday, through Facebook, Tumblr,Twitter, Instagram, and the like, we learn what can or cannot be done through what we and our peers experience. We see how others make the most of their time and how some waste it. We learn from the thousands of inspiring, daring, and thought-provoking words and images that our friends post. We get to see how else we can improve our own lives.

I’m happy to have a creative outlet like this blog. (It will surely make story-telling to future grandkids easier!) I’m happy to have a personal release. But what comes as a bonus when blogging is the fact that somehow, I get to inspire someone to see the world too. I get a reader to evaluate the way she’s been living her life and somehow inspire her to challenge herself. What comes as a big bonus when I share my personal stories and pictures online is knowing through comments and presents readers send that I have, although unintentionally, touched lives.

My life is far from perfect. I have made silly choices in the past that I openly talk and laugh about. I still make stupid decisions sometimes. But I have no problem with sharing them because I know that I have nothing to hide. Nobody’s story is as pristine as cyrstal water. Nobody is going to live forever.

Mark your existence,



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