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Today, I woke up with a grateful heart.

It’s a lovely Saturday morning. The sun is up and I have a great day ahead of me. In fact, I think I’ll be having a fantastic year altogether!

Last night, I got the call I have long been waiting for. It’s from a University in London where I applied to take-up my Masters in Business Administration on a special grant. Thanks to my friends Nicole A. , Steph L., Terri J., and the British Council for encouraging me to consider finally taking up higher studies in Europe.

I never would have thought I’ll have the courage to apply and welcome the idea of uprooting myself from my comfort zone.

I have a relatively blessed lifestyle here in the Philippines. I have a fun and rewarding job with cool officemates to boot. I have a kind driver who brings me to the office and waits for me all day long. I have a caring househelp who treats me like her own daughter. I have friends and cousins who go to my rescue when I need cheer-me-up karaoke sessions or movie marathons. My brother and his girlfriend are here and they always invite me to go out in the park with their dog. My parents, although busy, always take the time to visit me even in far Mall of Asia where I work.

Everything is just so easy here despite the heavy traffic and nerve-wracking work deadlines. It’s almost idiotic to even welcome the thought of leaving.

But they say true success only comes when you step-out of your comfort zone. What makes the idea of studying elsewhere so alluring is the challenge that comes with it.

How do I thrive in a cold and gloomy foreign land? Where do I even start? How do I learn the things that other people used to do for me? How will I juggle work with school?

It’s such a scary change but I think I’m ready for it.

I have a favorite quote from the book called The Secret: “Shout it out to the universe and it will conspire to make it happen for you.” Since I came across this line, I acquired the habit of writing down my goals for the year. That year, I wrote “Singapore-Malaysia 2010, Chanel bag, new job, new website, new business, lose 20 lbs.” I saw myself ticking-off those entries one by one before the year ended!

This year, I wrote “Australia 2012, Europe 2012, MBA, Cartier Tank, Milan/New York Fashion Week.”

By some strange twist of fate, I found myself booking a promo flight to Australia instead of America as previously planned. Then I received that email invite to study in the UK while at my desk and chatting with my officemate about taking a 2-week leave to backpack in Europe.

You know that moment that makes you look back and say “kaya pala?” “that’s why?!” That particular moment that makes you see the greater scheme of things? That specific point in time when you suddenly realize why your life unfolded the way it did— why you had to break-up with those awesome boyfriends you’ve had, why you had to fight with your dad and force evict yourself from your house, or why you had to quit the job you love so much? That’s the moment I’m in now.

Today, I now understand WHY and I’m literally teary-eyed. My heart is filled with humility and acceptance. Now I know that I was merely being seasoned for bigger and greater things to come! Thank you, Universe. Thank you, God.

Steve Jobs was right. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect the dots looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something –your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

What makes this life-changing move more awesome is the fact that I’m not doing it alone. My good friend Rhona will be studying in the UK with me and she’s half-way thru our Euro-itinerary! AMEN!!!

We have 2 months to fix everything–our visas and all. Where do we even begin?!

London Calling,




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12 thoughts on “THANK YOU, UNIVERSE

  1. You know, this post super duper inspired me =) I’m so happy for you, Denise! Please post updates on this fab adventure of yours ha? =)

    Much love,

    1. Hi, Tara! I’ll miss the beauty labs and press cons! And bumping into my fave bloggers! But yes, it will definitely be a “cool detour” for me. I’ll try to post as many photos to take you guys through my journey across Europe. Visit me there!


      p.s. I really like how you write! So verbose!

  2. Nice! I have someone to visit na if and when I do go to Europe. Good luck on all your endeavors Congco! Be safe!

  3. very inspiring and interesting journey of yours, ms D… Marami ako natutunan sayo, as your everyday fan… God BLESS YOU… =))

    1. wow, nini! thank you! there was a time (when blogging was still new) that i was being questioned for sharing too much on the internet. i really just wanted to write for personal release and to somehow inspire someone out there to 1)hang on, 2)dream big, and 3)always move forward. glad to know this blog has that effect on someone. god bless you, too! πŸ™‚ live colorfully! d.

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