I was in cold and windy Chicago when I had this realization: people from the tropics (like us Pinoys) are so lucky we can wear slippers outside whenever we want to!

It was fall then in Chicago and the weather was starting to become chilly. The island girl in me would wake-up early and desperately catch that rare and elusive patch of sunlight in the garden. Believe me, there’s nothing more comforting than feeling the heat of the sun touch your skin.

Now that I am about to move to somewhere cold again, I am stocking-up on the warmth of sunny Manila by wearing comfy and liberating flip flops.


“Flip flopping” in Manila is a luxury not many people get to experience. Imagine living in Russia where it’s always cold. You can only wear your “tsinelas” inside the house. And you would probably only own a pair. No point in collecting pretty Havaianas flip flops in different colors. There will be no point in staging a huge event where people can make their own Havs just like the one operating now at the Rockwell Tent.

Yes, folks! Make Your Own Havaianas 2012 (#MYOH2012) is up and running!

Havaianas, the flip flop brand from Brazil, is celebrating its 50th birthday this year which is why they’ve made their proprietary MYOH event even bigger and more interactive. I remember attending the press events of MYOH back in the day. They were so much smaller then but just as fun.


This year, MYOH became a bonding activity for me with my French friend Amelie and brother Carlos. Amelie couldn’t believe how cheap it was to customize a pair here (900 PHP vs. 35 EUR=2,100 PHP). Our assemblers were fresh grads Lara and Carlo. Carlo was trying to impress Amelie with his French. So cute! πŸ™‚

My brother Carlos, on the other hand, almost went home empty-handed coz the initial colors he wanted were out of stock. He ended up bringing home a laidback brown + gray pair and a daring pink + black combo with letter pins.

We also bought one for Mama as our gift to her this Mother’s Day.

Pink + Pink with letter and crystal pins

Assemblers Aico, Louis, and Carlo meticulously attached the parts of our orders. Thank you, guys! πŸ™‚

[Did you notice photobomber/Chef Gene Gonzales of Cafe Ysabel at the back?!? hahaha]

These were the pairs I brought home:

Black + Sugar Coral with letter and aviator pins

Tulip + Pearl White with letter and crystal pins

I like the “FIT” model, the one with the sling back, because when I’m at the beach and the sand gets sticky, the wrap-around straps prevent my slippers from sliding.

You still have 2 more days to visit the Rockwell Tent!!! Make Your Own Havaianas NOW.

Til next year’s MYOH,




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