I’m moving out of my condo unit this month to transfer to the “bigger” house.

As I was fixing my things, I realized that I allowed a blank wall in my room to be taken over by trinkets I have accumulated in a span of 5 years. It now looks like a collage of some sort.

I know I have to fix it and separate the golds from the silvers, the long strands from the short ones but 1)it’s so tedious a task and 2) I’m kinda liking the effect of the “beautiful clutter” it has created.

It’s a whole lot like life. Sometimes you just catch yourself in between crazy moments and arduous tasks that are so painful to go through but give exactly what you need: meaning, depth and substance.

I look back at the past 5 years of my life and I see joy, hatred, triumph, betrayal, and all of those emotions I never even knew existed. But just like the pieces in this cluttered wall, I needed to feel each of those raw emotions to be able to paint a unique piece of artwork called “my life”–my own version of crazy beautiful. La hermosa vida loca!

And as they say–No regrets. C’est la vie. Carpe diem. J’ai une vie incroyable!

Trudging strong,






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