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Sixteen years. That’s how long I haven’t seen my dear friend Dizon. We have the same first names so our high school classmates resorted to calling us by our surnames to avoid confusion. We were apart for more than a decade but when we saw each other again at the Brisbane Domestic Airport, it was as if we were never really separated.

Dizon has the same contagious laughter. She still loves to sing and dance. And when she explains something, still uses the word “really” for emphasis.

I can’t believe high school was 16 years ago. Sometimes, I still act like I’m sixteen. Oh to be young, wild and free!

To have no cares in the world. To feel like a kid again. I guess that’s what every stressed adult wants to feel.

Thanks to Dizon and her siblings, I had a taste of what it was to be a child again in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We strolled along South Bank. We spent a day in fun fun fun Movie World. Then we drove to Gold Coast for an overnight stay at the swanky QT Hotel and a swim at Surfers Paradise. It was like high school all over again when we would have road trips to Tagaytay or Enchanted Kingdom and have slumber parties at Dizon’s house.


When you’re in vacation mode, you sometimes lose track of the days. Lauriessa, my former-intern turned really close friend, sent me a message on Facebook saying that she will fly from Mackay to Brisbane on Tuesday at 10a.m. Excited, I offered to fetch her at the airport.

I arrived in Brisbane on a Monday. Or so I thought.

I was already with Dizon shopping at DFO when she got a call from her sister Gilly. Apparently, a certain Lauriessa knocked on their door and was looking for me. How could that be? Lauriessa was supposed to fly in on Tuesday, not Monday. I couldn’t believe my ears when Dizon handed me the phone and it was Rissy talking! She said she waited at the airport and was trying to call my phone but to no avail. That’s when I realized my big boo-boo. I thought it was only Monday when it was already TUESDAY!!! Kill me now.

Good thing I sent out an Excel file filled with my itinerary details together with names, addresses and contact info of the people I’d be meeting to everyone. Lauriessa had the presence of mind to take a cab to Dizon’s place when I didn’t show-up at the airport. I apologized profusely to the kid (who’s now, by the way, a full-fledged nurse like Dizon! I really am old!). So there I was, with reckless abandon, reunited with my high school classmate and former-intern…in Brisbane, Australia!




Now sing it with me! “We just having fun. We don’t care who sees. So what we go out. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Living young, wild and free!”

Last stop, MELBOURNE!

live colorfully,




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