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This bag has been with me around Asia. I bought this years ago at Dorothy Perkins. I sometimes exchange it with a black version from Zara but with the same features I look for in a travel carry-on bag as listed above.

1)When choosing a carry-on, get one in a neutral color so it would match any outfit.

2)Outside pockets come in handy when you have no time to rummage the insides of your bag for pens, calling cards, facial tissues or what-have-you.

3)Secret pockets provide you with compartments for extra cash, receipts, etc.

4)Adjustable straps give you options on how to carry your purse: close to your shoulder for easy access, slung across your body or hung behind you like a backpack, or held by your hand.

5) Enough room for travel essentials is a must: passport, tickets, IDs, wet tissues, hand sanitizer, small makeup kit, shades, camera, phone, pen and paper.

6)Easy-to-open flaps are great for when you always have to get your phone or camera from your bag. Make sure it also has a zipper lock inside for added security.

7)I personally avoid bringing a bag with huge signature logos plastered on it. Aside from it looking too vulgar and kitschy for my taste, I don’t like grabbing the attention of thieves.

As they say, to each his own. For me, this type of bag is “The One”. Would love to know about your travel carry-on match! 😉




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