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I have 2 days before I leave for this much-awaited trip. I’m rushing to finish everything. I have a hundred entries in my to-do list.

The past week was spent organizing clothes to bring and shopping for travel essentials like a cardigan, scarf and bag tags.


Bought most of the clothes I’m bringing at Forever 21. Figured I must employ layering tactics in order to adapt to the ever-changing weather in Australia. Yesterday, Siri told me it’s gonna be cold and rainy but my friend who arrived in Sydney yesterday said it’s as warm and sunny as the Philippines.


I also bought a few customized travel-inspired bag tags by artist Rina Albert-Llamas. I uploaded this picture on my Facebook page and it was an instant hit! (Available in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell)

If there’s one thing I’m gonna miss while I’m away, it’s playing with my brother’s dog Kobe. This weekend, I struggled to keep-up with him at S&R Pampanga! He’s so big already and uses so much force when running!


He’s only 6 months now but he’s already half my size! Look at his evolution:


I’ll be taking 7 plane rides in 2 weeks! Good thing I’m hooked with the Draw Something app. This shall keep me busy while waiting at airports.


That’s it for now. šŸ™‚

Good day, mates!




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