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I’ve read countless of fashion and design books but so far, this is the only one I have taken seriously. It has convinced me to finally clean-up 3 bursting closets, sell my pre-loved clothes (thanks to all those who bought my dear dresses!), and edit my shoes and accessories.

Because of this book, I now have a clear and accurate inventory of EVERYTHING I own. EVERYTHING.


This book has also inspired me to shop inside my closet rather than buy stuff on impulse. Aside from the pairs of Seven For All Mankind Jeans (I was given gift checks as present last Christmas and this is a cult classic so purchase justified!), I haven’t bought a piece of clothing since I purchased this book.


This style guide was written by Ines de la Fressange, a celebrity model, former-face of Chanel, and France’s icon of chic.

She claims that the stylish Parisian follows a few golden rules but likes to transgress from these, too, which is part of the style.

Her Parisian style philosophy is simple: Brilliant basics are the key to a great look. Accessories are the key to personal style.


[Ines’ daughter Nine, model above, got her Parisian sense of style, too!]

Make sure your wardrobe includes the magnificent “Seven”.

1) man’s blazer

2) trench coat

3) navy sweater

4) white tank top

5) little black dress

6) denim jeans

7) leather jacket

In the book, Ines also listed wise tips and included helpful photos to better illustrate her point. I found myself nodding at every entry!

I’ve always thought Parisian fashion is always trendy. But trendy means you’re always wearing what’s new and what’s hot. The more apt term would be “stylish”. Trends come and go but true style is forever.


I would always get into an argument with a guy friend about fashion. Whenever I sport a look that’s not sexy enough for his taste, I would defend it by saying that it’s “Euro-fashion” and his style is so “LA/ West Coast.” (Not that LA-style is any less chic. It’s just a different aesthetic.) I know that to even argue about fashion is stupid because the very essence of fashion means that it’s personal and fun. Nobody can argue about something that’s subjective and relative in nature, right? 🙂 But Ines’ sense of style is something that I believe cuts across cultures. It has a certain aura of casual elegance that is never on the kitschy side. Safe but never boring.

I am currently planning a trip that includes a visit to France. Ines’ book has a listing of quaint shops one can find in Paris that would really be helpful! I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Oh well, go grab this book now and have fun exploring your own personal style!

Une fabuleuse vie,

Mademoiselle d.

p.s. All book pages are owned by Ines and company. You may watch her book’s publicity video HERE.



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