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So my Beijing visa got released in the nick of time! I would never allot just a week for visa processing anymore! Mine got released just a few hours before I had to check-in. Hayayay!


My travel buddy Rhona and I arrived in Beijing at around 1 in the morning. Obviously, we were still very sleepy. But as soon as we walked down the tarmac, we were awakened by the cool breeze that welcomed us.

It was -5 degrees in Beijing! [Images of 2 island girls freezing to death in the cold streets of China came to mind!] For benchmark: 27 is room temperature in the Philippines. 18 degrees in HongKong and we’re already in our coats, boots and gloves! What more if the temperature dropped past zero?!

We were supposed to go to Beijing early in June but plans changed so we found ourselves availing of the Cebu Pacific promo that only allowed us to fly late and in the midst of winter.

But you know what they say, the show must go on! There was no stopping us anyway. 🙂

d’s Travelogue:

Country: CHINA

City: Beijing

Currency: Chinese Yuan (CNY)

Exchange Rate: 1PHP = 6.38CNY

Airport: Beijing International Airport

Here’s a rundown of the many things we’ve managed to do around Beijing with thick shawls wrapped around us and tucked inside our shirts:

Ride the Beijing Tricycle

Find our way to the Train Station [We weren’t part of any tours and we did not speak the language so this was a challenge for the both of us.]

Conquer the Great Wall of China

See a camel

Take pictures with random strangers [or the other way around! Locals were asking to have their pictures taken with us! Coz we’re the only weird ones with big eyes and heads covered with furry hats :)]

Fight the wind chills [mind over matter, repeat to self 1,000 times!]

Shop along Xidan Road [Huge department stores inter-connected by open footbridges, similar with what the MMDA put up here in the Philippines, only theirs had escalators! :)]

Eat at one of the Top 10 Best Restaurants in the World

Explore the newest shopping destination: The Village

Party at Sanlitun

Eat at the best pizzeria in Beijing: La Pizza

Marvel at the majestic lake engulfing the Summer Palace

Play Chinese Football/Sipa with the locals

Dance with the locals

Create a shameless Music Video of Teach Me How to Dougie [Only our FB friends get the privilege/shock/torture of seeing it!]

Watch the baby pandas wrestle at the Beijing Zoo

Visit the Lama Temple at Yanghogong

Shop along Hutong Street

Learn the art of tea preparation at the best tea house in Beijing

Bargain shopping and eat exotic delicacies at Wangfujing

Watch a master chef skin a roast duck

Walk through Jingshan Park

Enter the Forbidden City [and join a wedding picture while you’re at it! :)]

Get lost at Tiananmen Square

Pay respects to Chairman Mao at the Mao Zedong Memorial Hall

Send our dear friend a postcard from China!

High five and ironically treat ourselves to a pint of ice cream for surviving yet another awesome adventure!


1) NBI Clearance (Get this 3 weeks in advance as you would have to take a leave from work. Line in Robinson’s Galleria is surprisingly fast-moving.)

2) Certificate of Employment indicating salary

3) Bank Certificate indicating savings of at least PHP200,000

4) Filled-up downloadable travel form:

5) Photocopy of SSS ID/ Contribution Slip

6) Photocopy of Tin ID

7) Photocopy of work ID

8) Visa payment of PHP1,400 for single entry

9) Submit requirements to:

Embassy of China Consular Office:

Address: 2nd & 3rd Floor, the World Center, 330 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Enquiry Tel: +63-2-8482395 (08:30-10:30 during weekdays)
Fax: +63-2-8482386


Always moving forward,





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