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I was 20 years old when I first set foot on Las Vegas.

My first memory of the place was of clothing outlets greeting you as soon as you enter the town. And then there were the huge hotels with blinding lights that can make you wide-eyed the entire time!

I came there to watch my cousin sing at the busy Freemont Street. It was quite an experience!

My only regret was that I went there a year too young to do what you came to Vegas to do: drink and gamble. At the MGM Grand, guards would apprehend me as soon as I step on the other side of the carpet, on the gambling area. Quite frustrating, I know. I took a mental note to come back when I’m old enough to drink, gamble and party like everyone else in the Sin City.

Here in Asia, there’s a place people claim looks a whole lot like Vegas: Macau- the City of Dreams.  You go there with dreams of winning big or hopes of letting loose!

d’s Travelogue:

Country: CHINA

City: Macau

Currency: Pataca [but the HongKong Dollar/HKD is widely accepted in Macau too. All Macau casinos operate using HKD. Remember to exchange your Pataca to HKD while you are still in Macau as it is very difficult to offload in HongKong.]

Official Languages: Chinese (Cantonese), Portuguese and English [Macau was colonized by the Portuguese for 500 years. You can still see the Mediterranean-influence on their architecture and street signs as everything is translated in Portuguese!]

Exchange Rate: 1 Hong Kong Dollar = 5.56 Philippine Peso =0.13 United States Dollar

Airport: Macau International Airport or the Ferry Port

From HongKong, the mode of transportation to get to Macau is via a 45-minute ferry ride that costs a little over 100HKD (560PHP).

Warning: Immigration lines are really long so allot at least an hour for waiting time. I’m not kidding!

What to do in Macau:

1) Visit The Venetian

2) Explore the Grand Canal Shoppes 

[Victoria’s Secret opening in Macau SOON!]

3) Try your luck at the Casinos

[Top Casino Options: The Venetian, Galaxy, MGM Grand, Wynn, Grand Lisboa]

4) Bungee Jump from the top of the Macau Tower

[I would have wanted to strike bungee jump off my bucket list but we arrived late. No, I did not chicken-out! 🙂 ]

5) Bring home a whole lot of egg rolls

Here’s wishing my Beijing Visa will be released in time for my trip,

d. (crossing fingers!)



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