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Hong Kong is my second home in Asia.

I grew up with fond memories of shopping there with my cousins. We were always on a meager budget though!


If I only knew how to speak Cantonese, I would have probably lived there. But Wo bu hui shuo Cantonese (I cannot speak Cantonese). I can only speak a little Mandarin and write short (and oftentimes useless) sentences in Pinyin.

Anyway, let me share with you the things I love to do while in Hong Kong–

d’s Travelogue:

Country: HONG KONG

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar

Exchange Rate: 1 Hong Kong Dollar = 5.56 Philippine Peso =0.13 United States Dollar

Airport: Hong Kong International Airport

Once you arrive at the airport, buy an Octopus card that will let you ride the Airport Express (the train that leads you to the city). You may also use the Octopus as a debit card for bus, MTR rides and even when buying goods at some local stores.

Three main things to do in HongKong when in a hurry:

1) SHOP til you drop

Canton and Nathan Roads – Traverse these roads and you’ll surely end up buying something! For discounted branded items though, go to the CityGate outlets. There are also a lot of stores like ISA or Milan Italy Station in Tsim Sha Tsui that sell second-hand/ cheaper brand new luxury items. You can find these stores along the side streets adjacent to Canton and Nathan. To be sure you are buying authentic items, go to the flagship stores on Canton Road. They’re surely the cheapest in Asia anyway. Stay at any of the Marco Polo Hotels and these stores will just be a walk away.

Mongkok Street – Stay at the Langham Place Hotel if you want to be near the night markets. There’s a mall inside Langham which houses H&M, Armani, Shu Uemura, Mochi Sweets, Muji and Uniqlo, etc. Just across Langham is what they call “Sneaker Street” where you can find probably all the rubber shoes ever produced in the world!

2) EAT your heart out

Din Tai Fung at Silvercord Mall on Canton Road = for the best xiao long bao in town (steamed soup dumplings)

Peking Garden inside the Pacific mall on Canton Road near the harbor = for the yummiest peking duck

Gaylord Restaurant on Ashley Road in Tsim Sha Tsui = for the most delicious curry lamb ever! Certified Authentic Indian Food with an Indian band playing the original version of Jai Ho! No kidding. p.s. Don’t mind the name 🙂

Saboten at the airport= for the tastiest loin tonkatsu. This is not Chinese cuisine but it’s definitely worth a try.

3) MARVEL at the sights

Avenue of the Stars

Symphony of Lights

The Peninsula

Hong Kong Space Museum

Golf Beds by the Harbour

Random Street Art

Big Buddha in Lantau Island

The Cantonese Opera

Lan Kwai Fong

Other Touristy spots you may go to:

Victoria’s Peak

Ocean Park






Hong Kong, as agreed between China and Britain (former colonizer), shall retain its own currency (the Hong Kong Dollar), legal system, and parliamentary system for fifty years. This means that Hong Kong is essentially a separate country from China. Visitors from Mainland China actually need a visa to enter Hong Kong and vice versa. The Chinese Reminibi is not accepted in Hong Kong. Same goes for the HKD while you’re in the mainland.

Til my next adventure,

d. 🙂



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