The best thing about waking up early for work is when you know you’re going to love what you’re about to do.

Today, Saturday, I woke up at 4A.M. for a bridal makeup gig.  4 in the morning was way too early for someone like me who has a job that lasts for 10 hours everyday (excluding overtime, believe me!). Now folks, listen, nobody complains to me about being busy, okay? 😉

But as I’ve said, when it’s something that excites you and it’s something that fuels your passion, you get up and shake the stress away for it! Brrrring. It. On!


I was already inside the car with the bride when I saw Quinito, the toddler son of the bride’s sister Ichi. A few years back, it was Ichi I was in a bridal car with. Now her kid can already speak and calls her “Mom”. How time flies!

Bride #1: Ichi Apostol-Acosta

Makeup by Dens Congco

Hair by Ren Bautista

Photo by Terry Uy

A few years after Ichi’s Tagaytay wedding, I got a call from her sister Bubbles asking me if I can also do her makeup. Another Apostol sibling was getting married! Woohoo!

Bride #2 Bubbles Apostol-Reyes

Makeup by Dens Congco

Hair by Ren Bautista

Photo by Terry Uy

At Bubble’s wedding preparation, the eldest of all 6 siblings, Concep, already told me that she might get married in 2011. Not willing to break tradition, she told me I ought to be her makeup artist as well.

Bride #3 Concep Apostol-Dancel

Makeup by Dens Congco

Hair by Felicity Son

Photographer: Terry Uy

The Apostols through the years:

Three TMD weddings, three more to go to complete the roster!

Thank you, Apostol siblings, for the never-ending trust.


You probably know you’ve met your match when during the wedding march and as soon as you see a glimpse of your bride, you find yourself bursting into happy tears.

And THIS is why I love being a bridal makeup artist! I get to witness life’s precious moments. I get to be part of something so special in two people’s lives.

That particular moment when you realize your search for someone you are willing to fight for no matter what is over, there’s probably a sense of calm that comes to you.

I was having a chat with a guy friend who just got engaged a few days ago and he said something really remarkable. He said, “I told A (his bride-to-be) that with her, I found something greater than love. It’s PEACE.” It’s not settling. It’s that QUIET CONFIDENCE  you have in the other person. It’s knowing in your heart that he/she will courageously choose YOU, come what may. It’s knowing that when push comes to shove, you will both try as hard as you can. And at the end of the day, you will try to understand and support each other. No quitting.

You can’t buy peace of mind. When you find yours, keep it close and don’t ever let go.

Much love,




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6 thoughts on “TRADITION

  1. OMG! That groom… is he crying? Awwww ! I wish I could find a guy who would loves so much he would cry at our wedding!

    Awesome pictures!

    Greetings from California!

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