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Last week, I found this beautiful invitation on my office desk:

Laneige [la-nej’], the makeup brand from Seoul, Korea, invited makeup artists in the country to be part of Mr. Min Hyuk Park‘s workshop series. Mr. Park flew in from Korea to present to the Philippine press and artists Laneige’s Holiday Collection. Yes, Christmas is in the air!!!!

Laneige has branches in Trinoma, Mall of Asia and Shangrila. The event I attended was at the 3rd floor of Shangrila Mall where the store is located. Fellow-artists Cherry Pacheco, Kris Bacani, Lourd Ramous of Colours Salon and Toto Bagamasbad were also in attendance.

THE BRAND PHILOSOPHY Laneige, in French, means snow. Snow, as we all know, is crystallized water. It forms various shapes and emits interesting colors. Perhaps likened to a snowflake, I’ve noticed that Laneige’s skincare and makeup products are induced with a lot of moisture and iridescent colors. The small crystals in the products bounce off light that make skin appear more luminous. True to the brand philosophy, Laneige’s visuals, from the store facade to the skin of the models on their flyers are reminiscent of water and moisture. Indeed, for a beautiful and radiant skin, hydration is key.


What I find interesting about Laneige’s Holiday Collection is that it veered away from the smokey eye palettes and jewel tones that are usually all the craze during the Christmas season. The collection is very “Korean”. The subdued brown and pink tones make it so easy to achieve the natural makeup look which Koreans love.

Koreans, as confirmed by Mr. Park, put skincare at the top of their beauty regimen. When Mr. Park prepped the face of the model, it was quite a ritual: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm and the product that Korea’s so famous for now: bb cream!

The Dazzling Holiday Collection consisted of a lot of nude, pink and coral tones with tons of shimmer.

Mr. Park demonstrated how to use the products on the model. I like the way his hand just swifted through the model’s skin. No smudging, just a lot of fast dabbing and tapping.

Makeup Tip #1: Instead of putting the black eyeliner on the upper lid, Koreans put it underneath the upper lashes, directly on the lash line. And instead of putting eyeliner on the outer lower lash, they put it on the waterline.

Makeup Tip #2: When applying mascara, just put under the lashes where it’s nearest to the roots. Wiggle up to the medium part of the lashes and DO NOT extend the mascara towards the tips. Leave the tips mascara-free! This way, the lashes would appear more natural and there will be no product at the tips that will cause the lashes to bend back down because of the product’s weight.


Laneige was generous enough to give us gift certificates we could use for the day. These are the products I chose:

1.)Laneige Pore Tight Essence– for my brides-to-be with oily faces. This product tightens pores that decreases sebum excretion. [1,800Php]

2.) Laneige Brow Shaping Kit – with 3 shades of brown, the lightest being my favorite! [1,200Php]

3.) Laneige Styling Lip Duo in pink glow – This stick is perfect for travelling! It has a lipstick on one end and a gloss on the other [1,200Php]

4.) Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture Lipsticks in true pink, real rose and sweet orange – I like that the lipsticks just have the right amount of shine. Nothing too glossy; perfect for portraits and weddings. [950Php]

I can’t wait to use these products on my clients this Saturday! You know what Holiday means to makeup artists, right? Weddings, weddings, weddings!!!

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